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Market intelligence
for mechanical engineering

Do you want to take your startup scouting to the next level? Or do you want to keep an eye on your company’s entire market environment?

Developed exclusively for the mechanical and plant engineering industry: with the new tools from VDMA Services GmbH powered by delphai, we offer you an unparalleled insight into the market environment to help you shape the future of your company and develop new business strategies based on the latest information.

Since 2020, the Startup Radar Dashbaord powered by delphai supports VDMA member companies in their entry into startup scouting activities and provides an opportunity to build on this further, to develop both the partnership and new services that serve the future viability of mechanical and plant engineering.

With the newly created service field of Market Intelligence Tools, VDMA Services supports corporate customers from the mechanical and plant engineering sector in recognizing global market trends based on data and in identifying and tracking partners, competitors, suppliers and customers worldwide.

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